This week, my obsession with food led me like a carrot to a donkey to The Brotherhood of Pursuits & Pastimes, Manchester’s newest luxury sports bar.

Ordinarily, I’d give a sports bar a wide birth, what with me being worlds away from Manchester’s biggest sports fan and all. But what can I say? The sound of OTT burgers, sexy sounding hot dogs and good old British pie got the better of me.

The question is, is there any fuss to be made about Manchester’s swanky new bistro?

First Impressions of The Brotherhood

As the old saying goes, you only get one chance to make a first impression, and The Brotherhood of Pursuits & Pastimes certainly doesn’t disappoint. The grand Gothic exterior, one of Manchester’s Grade II listed buildings oozes grandeur, instantly giving this place that upmarket feel.

The Brotherhood of Pursuits & Past Times Manchester Exterior | Manc Madam

So far, I like it.

Stepping inside, I’m met with a cool, rustic, contrastingly modern interior. It’s pretty bizarre actually. One second you’re face to face with the history of Manchester, and the next, you’re time travelling, finding yourself in this modern, well presented man cave. It’s an entrapment of oversized television screens, dark wood tables, exposed brick walls, a mounted boar’s head…oh and a bar. Yep. This place is a boozer for the boys. A cool AF boozer for the boys.

About the Menu

The Brotherhood of Pursuits & Past Times Manchester Menu | Manc Madam

What do you get when classic pub grub meets swanky new bistro? You get OTT burgers, you get fancy chilli dogs, you get homemade pies, and some sick ass sharing platters. The menu at The Brotherhood is simple, the type of menu that’ll please everyone in a group.

I decided to go for the Bacon & Cheese Pie consisting of bacon, cheese, onions, mustard, cream and rosemary. This dish is served up with mash and gravy for the modest price of £8.00.

My other half went for the Tex Mex Chilli Dog consisting of spicy chilli, crushed nachos, jalapenos, sour cream and skin on fries for £8.50.

Due to our dying hunger, we pushed the boat right out there and got a portion of Monterey Jack cheese bites (because we’re totally crazy like that).

Should you Make a Fuss for The Brotherhood?

The Cheese & Bacon Pie was lovely. I’m a typical northern pie eater, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. It was well made, well-seasoned and the chefs used a short crust pastry – so it was always going to be a winner for me.

The Brotherhood of Pursuits & Past Times 2 | Manc Madam

The other half was super happy with the Tex Mex Chilli Dog (and to be fair, I think he won on the dish choice this time around). It was fully loaded and, well exactly what it said on the tin.

For us though, the main event had to be the Monterey Jack Cheese balls. They’re to die for. Seriously. Melt in your mouth, stringy cheese, with a crunchy breaded coating. I’ve dreamt about them since. 

The Brotherhood of Pursuits & Past Times Manchester | Manc Madam

Overall, our experience at The Brotherhood was a good one with pleasant staff, good food, fair prices and a comfortable interior. The perfect spot to watch the match with good food, and good friends.