A First Glance at The Botanist

Nestled between Cau, and Wagamama, The Botanist is by far the most ornate restaurant in the Media City neighbourhood. It’s mystical exterior, a jungle of tessellated ivy and garden-themed furnishings, draws your eyes as it overpowers every other restaurant in the vicinity.

Stepping inside the botanical wonderland, the earthy theme is imposing. It’s impossible to focus as my attention was being pulled to every corner of the foyer. The large flowerbed, the hand painted walls, the swirling staircase swallowed by overgrown foliage; the whole place is a garden in bloom.

The Botanist Media City Interior | Manc Madam

We climbed the stairs before being greeted by a live band, which was a nice touch.

I Couldn’t Resist A Starter

The Botanist Media City Menu Design | Manc Madam

When it came to ordering, I broke my own rule and went for a starter because quite frankly, I wasn’t missing out on the chipolatas with sweet honey mustard sauce for anything.

My starter arrived promptly and was 3000% worth breaking my golden rule for. The sharp tang, with the sweet honey was a great dip. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

The Main Event

Although I was tempted at the prospect of home cooked pie, the main event had to be the signature hanging kebabs. Because, well the Botanist makes a huge fuss over them, so I had to see what they’re about.

My boyfriend was sold on the hanging kebabs too, and so we opted for one pork, and one chicken hanging kebab with a side of sweet chilli coleslaw.

I have to say I enjoyed the main course. The chicken hanging kebab was cooked perfectly for me, my only criticism would be that there wasn’t a lot of it.

The hanging kebabs are served with a portion of ‘properly seasoned chips’ which were well seasoned, as stated in the menu. The side of sweet chilli slaw went well with the dish too.

I sampled a bit of the Pork Kebab, and that was good. Again, the pork was cooked really well and really melts in your mouth- although I preferred my choice of chicken.

And Onto the Sweet Stuff

It was payday, so I went the whole-hog and ordered a dessert to end my night at The Botanist. I went for the chocolate fudge cake with ice cream, while Josh opted for the hot cookie dough.

The chocolate fudge cake was no better or worse than chocolate fudge cakes I’ve had in the past. It was ok, but in all honesty, nothing special.

Now what can I tell you about the hot cookie dough dessert? It was rich, it was stodgy and it was beautiful- i’d go back to The Botanist for this dish alone!

A Roundup of My Experience at The Botanist

The Botanist offers more than just a meal out. It’s an experience of home comforts, elaborate, and unarguably over the top decor and live music. For me, plates were quite small- I comfortably ate a starter, main and dessert which isn’t really like me.

Overall though, I’d without a doubt eat at The Botanist again. We had a great night, and I fully intend to sample some of those interesting looking cocktails they have on the menu on my next visit.