My boyfriend and I are very different which can make deciding where to go for a date a pain in the arse. I might fancy dressing up, going for a couple of drinks, maybe a nice meal, while he fancies a low key night at the cinema.

Ah decisions.

I’ve been thinking of ways to shake things up when it comes to dating, and after a bit of pondering, I got 20 ideas. Not bad eh?

So if like me, you’re looking for cool date night ideas in Manchester, look no further. Whether you’re wooing your first date, winning the potential love of your life with a second date, or you’re years into the relationship and want some good clean fun with your clothes on, here’s 20 date ideas for couples in Manchester.

Health & Well Being

1. Relaxing Spa Treatments

Every couple needs to switch off and unwind from time to time and a spa treatment might just help. Booking a spa could be an ideal way to take a break from technology, life commitments, and any other troubles hiding in the closet.

You don’t have to look far to find a spa in Manchester, and as for deals and offers? Well loads of choice means competition, so you’re bound to bag a bargain somewhere on the internet.

2. Learn to Snowboard/ Ski

Some couples thrive from learning new skills together, and the Chill Factore’s a pretty cool place to do just that. This one’s definitely budget permitting as it can be pricey, but if you’re due a treat, it’s a definite contender.

3. Try Rock Climbing

If you’re the type of couple who likes a challenge, then rock climbing could just be the ideal date experience for you. It doesn’t really matter what level you are as the walls offer solutions for people of all ages and abilities. 

4. Maybe a Romantic Walk?

Contrary to popular belief, date days don’t have to be expensive. Young couples especially might find saving for a house, buying that car, or paying the rent takes priority. But that shouldn’t stop you from getting out with your partner. I genuinely believe you can be virtually anywhere, doing anything, and if you’re in the right company you can’t go wrong.

Romantic walks in Manchester are so easy to come by. From city centre canals to country parks dotted in and around the whole of Manchester, there’s tons for you to check out. For ideas on walking destinations in Manchester, check out my guide to autumn walks.

5. Do A Yoga Class

My partner and I tried our first yoga class recently, and you know what? We loved it. It’s a good way to tone those muscles, spend time together, and relax. We’re planning on making it a regular thing.

Different kinds of Yoga classes are available throughout Manchester, in local areas and in the city centre so it’s unlikely that you’ll have to venture far to find the right Yoga class for you.

Food & Drink

5. Dine Out

If trying new food is your thing, heading out for a meal is a always a nice way to spend time with your partner. Restaurants in Manchester offer so much variation, we’re definitely spoilt for choice. I eat out a lot in Manchester and would recommend Tattu if you fancy a real romantic dining experience. Or, if you and your partner prefer something more down to earth, then you can’t go wrong with Rudy’s Pizza.

6. Do A Cooking Lesson

Maybe you and your partner are foodies, but fancy a change from dining out for your next date? A cooking lesson might just be for you. Learning new skills together is a great way of learning to work together in my opinion and there’s plenty of cooking classes in Manchester where you can try just that.

I’m yet to try a cooking lesson in Manchester, so i’m not entirely sure of everything that’s on offer. However, I have heard Sweet Mandarin, a highly praised restaurant in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, does brilliant cooking lessons, teaching members of the public how to make authentic Chinese cuisine.

And if Chinese food isn’t your thing, a quick google search tells me there’s tons of options around the city.

7. Go Wine Tasting

As far as I know, Manchester has little association with wine but that doesn’t mean we don’t like a glass (or bottle) from time to time.

Becoming a wine aficionado with your partner and learning new things is certainly possible here in Manchester with a number of venues running sessions across Manchester city centre.

8. Try Your Hands at Cocktail Making

If wines not your thing, and you and your partner like a drink, cocktail making lessons might be the perfect date experience for you. I like the idea of exploring your creative side with your partner, and what better way to do it than over a couple of fine tasting drinks?

9. Relax Over Afternoon Tea

Afternoon tea is becoming a trendy thing to do in Manchester, and I totally get why. For couples who fancy a break from the booze, and want to sit, relax, and talk, there’s tons of afternoon tea hotspots spanning right across the city.


10. Go to a Stand Up Comedy Gig

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? My partner and I headed to the Frog & Bucket, over in the Northern Quarter around a year ago now, and we’ve been meaning to go back ever since. There’s also the Comedy Club on Deansgate locks, I hear it’s a great night out too.

If you want a quiet night, and don’t fancy being heckled, make sure you sit towards the back!

11. Watch Some Live Music

Watching live music is always a fun thing to do. Manchester’s home to tons of fantastic artists in mainstream media and underground too. I’d recommend the Soup Kitchen in central Manchester, or the Old Courts over in Wigan for a chilled evening watching talented bands and artists from across the North.

12. Get Competitive at Bowling

If you and your partner can handle a little friendly competition, then head on over to All Star Lanes for a spot of food and a game of bowling. This ones a popular date destination in Manchester, and I can see why.

13. Experience Art House Cinema

Are you and your partner film buffs? Why not head a little off the beaten track and try an art house film in The Corner House? I’ve been to The Corner House a number of times and I love it.

For me, the experience you get in modern cinema is great, but story telling in independent films are that little bit more authentic.

14. Get Your Sing on at a Concert

This one takes a little pre-planning, but definitely worth it. All the best music acts come to Manchester, so keep an eye out for tickets for your favorite band or artist and make a night of it.


15. Explore Manchester Museums

I love a date day in Manchester museums. Especially the Museum of Science and Industry. My ideal date day involves learning new things, it’s one of the things that makes me most happy, and learning about where I come from, and the city I call home is important to me.

Manchester museums are renowned for their appeal to people of all ages too, and so this date activity also lends itself to a great family day out if you have children.

16. Unleash That Inner Creativity at Manchester Art Galleries

Explore your creativity as a couple in Manchester art galleries. With world famous paintings throughout the ages, amazing photography works, textiles and lots more, Manchester art galleries are fascinating, and inspiring.

17. See What Happens at a Poetry Night

Poetry’s a fairly niche interest, so why not explore something new? I think poetry’s one of those things that you’re forced to sit through in school, and so you assume you have no interest in it as an adult. But, who knows, you might be surprised.

Write Out Loud lists upcoming poetry nights in Manchester for those of you who want to give it a whirl.

18. Head to the Theatre

If you’re looking for something different to the cinema, then why not catch a show at the theatre? There’s tons of fantastic shows to be seen across Manchester Opera House, The Contact Theatre, and the Palace Theatre. With ton’s of genre’s appealing to couples with varying interests, there’s bound to be something on to suit you and your other half.

19. Explore John Rylands Library

It’s hard to believe such a beautiful building wasn’t previously a church, or a castle. John Rylands Library is so much more than books and silence, there’s exhibitions, tours and events happening here all the time. So, if you fancy a date where you learning something new together, a visit to John Rylands Library might just be for you.

20. Visit Victoria Baths

Ah, Victoria Baths. One of Manchester’s most famous buildings, featuring in many TV shows, and films over the years. This heritage site is open to the public, featuring many functions, from tours, to market fairs and photography workshops and more.

If you want to see what’s on, check out their website here.

Where’s Your Next Date Going to be?

With 20 new ideas for your next date night, you must be spoilt for choice. No matter what your budget is, or what you and your partner are into, there’s bound to be something on this list that catches your eye, so get out there and start enjoying yourselves as a couple!

If you have any additional date ideas in Manchester – sharing’s caring- please drop it in the comments box below :).