I’m always on the hunt for new restaurants in Manchester, and my latest quest for a bargain led me to Cabana, conveniently located in The Corn Exchange, Manchester. The bargain in question was 3 courses for £19.95, so you know, I wasn’t going to scroll past that.

If you’re unfamiliar with Manchester, The Corn Exchange is central to all the places you’ll probably be wanting to check out- Manchester Arndale, Selfridges, Printworks, St Annes Square, yadda yadda yadaa… Basically, the perfect spot for a pre show meal or taking a load off shopping.

So on a wet and windy Saturday night, I headed on over to  Cabana with a ‘I’m so hungry my stomach feels like my throat’s been cut’ type expression. And here’s what went down…

First Things First

Approaching front of house, i’m warmly welcomed by a young, enthusiastic waitress. We do the usual, “Oh hey, I booked a table for 8 o’clock”, “No problem, follow me” charade before finding myself sat on a bench upholstered with collaged denim jeans, beneath a beautiful, over the top, hand crafted chandelier.

I’m sat way too close for comfort to fellow diners, so close I accidently knock my menu on their table: yep, awkward. But, in terms of decor, this place is pretty funky.

Not so Happy Hour

Handing over drinks menus, we were informed it was Saturday night happy hour. Did someone say 2-4-1 cocktails? Without a second thought, my boyfriend and I dived nose first into the menu where we selected totally different drinks, because our palettes aren’t very well aligned in terms of taste.

When it came to us ordering, it turned out we had to have the same cocktail if we were to qualify for the 2-4-1. Bummer. Contrary to popular belief, we’re not big drinkers so we settled on a ‘Carlos the Godfather’, a blend of Gin, Lime, Lemon and Elderflower, which we wasn’t overly keen on. But, we drank it.

What’s Cabana’s Manchester Set Menu Like?

If you’re ridiculously indecisive, the set menu is great for speeding up your whole “I don’t know what I want” scenario.

There’s a choice of three starters; cheesy dough balls, sweet potato hummus or spicy malagueta chicken wings. Three mains, spicy malagueta chicken skewers, bossa burger or the halloumi burger and then vanilla, caramel chocolate chip or white chocolate chip ice cream. Yep-deciding what to eat is a breeze.

I opted for the cheesy dough balls to start, which I enjoyed. They were a tad overcooked, but I couldn’t have done better myself. They were almost perfect with the dripping garlic butter. Josh, my partner went for the sweet potato hummus to start, and i’m not gonna lie, he won. Seriously, I didn’t even like hummus until this very night. The very night, my life changed.

Cheesy Dough Ball Starter - Cabana Brazil Manchester | Manc Madam

Sweet Potato Hummus Starter - Cabana Brazil Manchester | Manc Madam

The main event had to be the spicy malagueta chicken skewers, a poor judgement on my part, since I don’t like hot food. Don’t ask why I chose them. What I will say, for someone who can’t handle hot food, they were really nice. The chicken was juicy, beautifully cooked, just a little too spicy for me. 

Josh’s bossa burger went down well. A simple concept, done well. That’s always a winner and the addition of pesto was a welcomed twist on conventions.

Malagueta Chicken -Cabana Brazil Manchester | Manc Madam

Bosa Burger - Cabana Manchester | Manc Madam

And the dessert? It was nice, it was simple, it was caramel chocolate chip ice cream. No complaints there.

Is Cabana’s Manchester Worth a Second Visit?

You know what? I would go to Cabana again. Although I wouldn’t go for the set menu. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed it, but the main menu looked good! 

Watch the space Cabana, i’ll be back. And thank you for a lovely evening!

What’s Your Favourite Dish at Cabana Manchester?

For my next visit, i’m going to need some recommendations. If you’ve been and you liked what you scoffed-drop me a line on the contact form below.