If you have curly hair, the chances are you either fully embrace it, or you wish the almighty hair gods had graced you with straight locks. Don’t worry, I get it. Curly hair’s difficult to manage at the best of times. And when you’re in a real cba mood, the last thing you want is to be in another battle with sir frizz and tommy tangles.

If I told you simple curly hairstyles do exist, would you believe me?

Somebody call the press, I have news…

I have three go-to-styles day to day and, (drum roll please) each takes me the grand total of 5 minutes to perfect, tops.

  1. The Curly Bun & Headscarf
  2. Vintage Twist & Clip
  3. Side Clip Up

The Curly Bun & Headscarf

Everyone’s seen my hair like this at least 10 times. Ok probably more. It’s definitely how I have my hair most often.

For this look you’ll need: 1 headscarf (approx size, 35″ x 35″), 2 grips and 1 bobble. Tie your hair in a loose bun at the crown of your head. If you have a side fringe you can let this cover your face and don’t be afraid to let some curls loose from your bun.

Next, fold your headscarf in half so it makes a triangle shape, and then keep folding the folded edge until the scarfs roughly an oblong shape (see picture below).

Hold both sides of your headscarf and tie it around your head. Once your headscarf is tied, secure with one grip behind each ear.

And that’s it. Simples.

The Vintage Twist & Clip

For the vintage twist and clip curly hair style, you’ll need a lot of grips (to be precise).

Roughly divide your hair into two sections from your nape, you don’t need to part your hair, just separate it with your hands.

Ok now, take a chunk of your hair from just below the temple and loosely twist your hair down, towards your jawline. Keep adding little bits in as you go and secure with a couple of grips at the nape of your neck. Mirror this on the other side of your head. Make sure you use plenty of grips to avoid the style falling out during the day.

Next, clip the hair behind each ear to add a little shape to the look. Secure with hairspray and bingo, you’re good to go.

Side Clip Up

Curly hair is all about volume, and the side clip up style exaggerates just that. All you’ll need for this super quick style is two trusty grips and you’re halfway there.

Take a section of the hair, about one-two inches from above the ear, right up to your parting. Pull the hair back and insert the grip to the side of the crown of your head (see pictures). Done.

This looks great if you like your curly hair to scream volume and stand out. And the best part? It takes two minutes.


And There You Have It

Be confident with your curls and make messy hair a thing of the past with quick and simple styling techniques. If you have any quick curly hairstyle suggestions-I want to hear them! Comment below or email me.